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Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies is Yemen's premier study destination for Arabic Language, Middle Eastern Studies, and Business English. We are a fully-accredited not-for-profit college, and have provided a quality education to 9,000 students, researchers and professionals since 1989.    

“I am convinced that study abroad in Yemen, and at the YCMES in particular, is a unique and possibly unparalleled experience that should not be missed.”

Dr. Steve Caton, YCMES Advisory Dean and Professor of Contemporary Arab Studies at Harvard University

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22/12/2013, 15:26
stanleyInterview   What was his experience like in Yemen? How did he feel about the current security situation? Were his expectations met? And more...
30/07/2013, 09:23
wander-in-manakhaWe went for a wander in Manakha. It was very nice. Then, as is traditional, we had a massive, massive lunch (this was before Ramadan, I hasten to...